EcoDomo leather countertops provide a unique luxurious element to interiors.  Warm to the touch, pleasing to the eye, and always surprising in elegance and durability,  our leather countertops offer a natural and refreshing alternative to quartz, stone and concrete within a comparable price range.    Made by American artisans in our facilities in Maryland,  EcoDomo countertops can be used in commercial and residential spaces.   EcoDomo leathers, available in recycled or hide formats, have a proven industry-leading performance record established over the past decade.  

Five standard colors available

Premium hide leather with extra durability and water resistance transformed into durable countertops with the EcoDomo specialty abrasion and anti-bacterial finish. Our products are always readily available and made in the USA, and can be found in closet island tops, offices,  hutches, benches, coffee tables, reception counters, eat-in areas in kitchens, and more. Extremely versatile in applications.

We offer standard styles, thicknesses, and sizes. Ecodomo can also customize the countertops to your projects needs.

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