EcoDomo leather countertops are custom made to your exact specifications and shipped as complete, ready-to-install units. All open sides feature an eased edge and sides that are enclosed against a wall or a piece of furniture are square. We have the ability to add decorative elements or customize countertops to meet your exact requirements for each project.  Suitable for commercial and residential installations. 

Standard Styles

Maximum size seamless: 48"x 68"          
No size limit for tops with a belt overlay detail (refer to image below).

Belt Overlay in 12' long Nigrine Leather Countertop

Belt Overlay in 12' long Nigrine Leather Countertop



Custom Styles

EcoDomo can deliver customized solutions for "L" shaped countertops, leather wrapped bars and casework, or conference tables including openings for wires and accessories.   We can provide in-laid leather panels, complete fully-wrapped casework solutions, and custom shapes.   We work with our own leathers,   dECOLeather Recycled Leather Veneer by Formica Group, or customer-provided leathers.  EcoDomo is the market leader for leather surfacing solutions and manufacturing for manufacturers and designers.  


Application and Maintenance

Some of EcoDomo's most popular applications include closet islands countertops, hutches, benches, coffee tables, eat-in areas in kitchens, conference rooms tables, commercial offices for filing cabinet tops, and reception counters.   We also provide custom leather vanity tops

The leather countertops should be maintained with a humidified terry cloth to wipe them clean. No harsh chemicals or leather conditioners should ever be used on the surface. Surface scratches may be treated with shoe polish or a matching leather marker, available form EcoDomo or at a leather furniture store.